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Our Services
Asset Management

Our Services

We provide a full suite of asset management services ranging from property management and leasing to development and financial management and reporting. Having all facets of the business under one roof enables us to maximise value and growth for all our stakeholders.


Asset Management


The core role of the asset management team at Falcon AM is to oversee and drive the business plan objectives from inception to completion. We focus on the key fundamentals of the asset and take a proactive approach to recommending and implementing solutions for asset repositioning and branding, tenant relations, financial management and cost management to drive the asset towards the business plan goals.


Ensuring that each facet of the business is striving towards the same objective is key to the long-term success of an asset. Our best in class asset management team provides a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to both the strategic vision and day to day operation of the asset to ensure this is achieved.


Data has never been more valuable than it is today. Our asset management team captures the maximum amount of data possible from the asset and ensures that the data is interpreted, presented, and utilised by our teams to maximise value. Our team closely monitors the asset performance at all levels and can provide regular reporting solutions to clients.


Having this detailed insight allows us to identify and provide solutions to complex issues, ensuring the sustainable growth of asset value.


To discuss how Falcon AM can use our skills to deliver your vision please contact

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Property Management

Effective day to day management is the cornerstone of asset value and marketability. Our dedicated property management team has an excellent track record of delivering effective operation, driving asset footfall, maximising occupancy, cost control and delivering optimum end user/customer experience.


We work with our core asset teams to provide operations and facilities management, tenant liaison services, technical services management and implementation of tenant service charge regimes. In collaboration with the asset level strategy we also manage robust repair and maintenance regimes.


We will ensure that the asset presents optimally to the market at disposal.


To discuss how Falcon AM can help your asset operate to its maximum potential please contact

Property Management
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The ability of an asset to adapt and evolve to changes in market sentiment is pivotal to the long-term sustainability of an asset. Our experienced development team have successfully delivered development / refurbishment projects across all sectors of commercial and residential real estate and manage the development process from the initial conception to completion of the project. Our development team in collaboration with our asset team, understand the complexities of developments in sensitive environments and have a proven track record of successful delivery with minimal disruption to these surroundings.


Our development team provide initial feasibilities and identification of opportunities, appointment and management of the professional teams, management of key stakeholders, value engineering and cost control as well as full development management services.


To discuss how Falcon AM development can help you please contact

Development Management
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Effective leasing is one of the key components of delivering value growth. In a rapidly evolving market, the management of existing and potential tenant relations has never been more important. Our class leading leasing management team have close relationships with the key retailers globally and will ensure that your asset is presented in the best possible light to the key decision makers.


Working in collaboration with our asset and property management teams, our leasing managers can establish the optimal tenant mix for your asset, the target occupiers to achieve that mix and successfully deliver leases in line with business plan objectives. We provide user mix, leasing and commercialisation strategies, tenant negotiation and relationship management, pre-leasing of development space, management of agents/brokers to ensure that targets are met. 


To discuss how Falcon AM leasing can partner with you to maximise rental value contact

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Leasing Management

Financial Management and Reporting

As part of our full suite of asset services, Falcon AM also provides a comprehensive financial reporting package. Our vastly experienced financial management team have successfully provided full service financial management in partnership with two of the largest private equity firms globally, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone.


Our in-house finance team manage rent and service charge invoicing and collections, supplier payments and reporting of actuals against business plan budgets, forming part of our regular client reporting.


Coupled with this, our financial management team also provide support and reporting for our clients to meet their fiduciary and regulatory requirements at fund and senior financing level. This is supported by our in-house compliance officer.


To find out how Falcon AM can support you with your financial management and reporting requirements contact

Financial Management and Reporting
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