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Creating long term sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable Real Estate is demonstrated by continually using the triple bottom line approach - environmental, social and governance (ESG). The team at Falcon Asset Management is fully equipped with the necessary utensils for long term sustainable development, management and oversight. 


1. Our Objective

Develop and manage assets that promote sustainability, ethical choices and productivity for both the asset and the wider community as a whole.


2. Our Approach

Long term, sustainable development and management of assets by integrating robust decision-making within our portfolio, taking cognisance of environmental and social issues as well as traditional governance and financial risks.


3. Our Commitment

Falcon Asset Management firmly believe that responsible asset management goes beyond how we manage portfolios. As a corporate citizen we recognise our role in contributing to the overall long-term sustainability of communities by promoting responsible management practices with all stakeholders . We are committed to utilising our full suite of asset services to influence and change company behaviours.

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